On Tim Burton

Have you ever been so angry you just had to be productive?


I think it’s been going around long enough for most of us to be aware of what happened with Tim Burton. For anyone who isn’t, long story short, another celebrity just had to stand up to say how unnecessary diversity is. Not only did Mr. Burton feel the need to point out that diversity just isn’t important, he even felt it necessary to share how he had to spend his childhood watching black movies without ever demanding there be white actors in them. The poor soul.

If you’re anything like me and you grew up with a sick fascination toward the dark, gruesome, and disturbing, then you probably spent a lot of hours appreciation the work of Tim Burton. It’s honestly heartbreaking to look at someone and think, “You used to be one of my biggest inspirations, and now I can’t even stomach the thought of you.”

Unfortunately, if you’re like me, this happens pretty frequently and it probably won’t end any time soon. Unfortunately, people just don’t want us around. The thought of having more people like us in more movies is upsetting to them. Just the idea of having us in books or movies or television is so traumatizing that they feel the need to stand up to defend their already over-white favorites.

So I spent some time doing what I usually do in response to posts like this: reflecting on how much I hate the color of my skin and that I’ll never be what people “want to see”. Then I did what I also always do after reading posts like this: I let it go. I let the self-hatred wash down the drain, and I turned my attention toward spite. I decided to stand against letting people like me grow up hating our skin. I decided to say, “You may have inspired my love for creepy, for art, for film-making, but you don’t get to take that away.”

So, here’s my stand. I stand for diversity in all forms, and I won’t let anyone take that away from me. Tim Burton may hate diversity, but I’ll be using the inspiration and love of art that he gave me to make sure diversity becomes the norm, so who’s the real winner here?




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