Plastic Wings Cover Reveal

Here’s the official cover for Plastic Wings, and a short excerpt from the book. Preorders will be available this Saturday from Three Little Books Co.

“Where are you going?”

My eyes shot forward. Standing before me was a girl, long blonde hair braided down the side of her head, blood splattered throughout. Her brown eyes sunk into me like syringes, and when she smiled, her teeth shone in two rows of needle-like sharpness.

“You don’t want to miss out on dinner, do you?” The boy who’d been lazily lounging in his chair turned to face us, his black hair and eyes gleaming. He reminded me of the serpentine dark angel, the one who stood out like a demonic shadow against the snow and had taken the place as the face of my nightmares. The other two laughed as if Angie and I had just missed out on the world’s best inside joke.

I shoved Angie behind me, hoping to shield her with my body even though I knew they could crush me like a piñata.

The girl in front of me glared, unhappy I’d attempted to oppose her wishes. “Don’t be like that.”

I kicked her. I wasn’t particularly strong, but my kick was just well-placed and hard enough to make her stumble backwards, clutching her shin with a shrill “Ouch!”

As opposed to helping their friend, the other two began laughing again, the sound reminiscent of a pack of hunting hyenas.

The distraction provided just enough time for Angie and I to burst through the door, adrenaline pumping as we raced through the night air and back to our own room. We made it a few yards before I felt a hand on my ankle, pulling me down until my face collided uninhibited with the plaster sidewalk. Angie, not wasting a second to look back, made her way to our room and slammed the door behind her.

I turned to find the girl again, her smile menacing. The other two went after Angie, pounding on the locked door.

Humans,” the girl said as if it were the dirtiest insult she knew. “Why do you always run? Do you honestly think we can’t catch you?”

I lay frozen, my face throbbing and my heart racing. I should consider us lucky. Angie had made it back to our room, and I’d made it this long.

A gunshot rang out. The girl backpedaled, her hand holding her wounded throat as silver liquid poured past her fingers. She bared her teeth, a slight, breathy growl coming from her open throat.

A hand closed around my arm, yanking me to my feet. I struggled to get away from the grasp, but it was too firm. “Let me—”

“Hush,” a voice whispered in my ear. I couldn’t see the person standing behind me, but the voice was a deep baritone, and I knew he was quite tall from the way his arm encircled me. “Don’t move,” he said. His voice was loud and clearly directed at the girl before us. To my surprise, she complied. I could see the anger increasing in deep lines across her face, but she made no move toward us.

My mind flashed to Angie. I tried to look behind me, but burgundy fabric blocked my path.

“You humans can fight back all you want, but there are far more of us than there are of you,” she said.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

The girl hissed, leathery wings spreading from her shoulder blades as she shot upward into the sky leaving a trail of silver blood in her wake.

Plastic Wings releases November 22, 2016. Find it on Goodreads!

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