Problematic Books and Where to Find Them

With people pledging to read more diversely, I’ve compiled some of the most problematic books that I see being passed around and included a little about why they’re problematic. This list is far from extensive, and I’ll likely add to it as I stumble upon more.

*Disclaimer: I haven’t read all of the books on this list. Some of them have been contributed by bloggers/readers that I trust*

  • Throne of Glass Series (Sarah J. Maas)
    • POC characters killed to further white character’s story arc
    • Queerbaiting
    • Abusive relationships
  • Captive Prince (C.S. Pacat)
    • Slave/slaver romance
  • The Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller)
    • Glorifies rape
    • Kill your gays trope
    • Womanly gay man trope
  • The Foxhole Court (Nora Sakavic)
    • Only POCs are villains
  • The Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare)
    • All POC’s are mixed
    • Only East Asian characters are human (other POCs are creatures)
    • Bi character is predatory stereotype
    • Bi character pressures gay character to come out stereotype
    • Angry black woman stereotype
    • Straight ships get happy endings/ queer ships do not
    • Bi character is slut-shamed
    • Rape used as a plot device
  • Cinder (Marissa Meyer)
    • Stereotypes Asian cultures
    • Dystopian future in which Japan controls all of east Asia
  • Rebel of the Sands (Alwyn Hamilton)
    • Stereotypes Middle Eastern culture
  • Eleanor and Park (Rainbow Rowell)
    • Racist portrayal of Korean culture
  • Fan Art (Sarah Tregay)
    • Treats being outted as “cute” and a “happy ending”
  • Grasshopper Jungle (Andrew Smith)
    • Bi characters can’t be monogamous stereotype
  • The Continent (Keira Drake)
    • Native Peoples are savages stereotype
    • Racist portrayal of Japanese characters
  • Frannie and Tru (Karen Hattrup)
    • Racist white girl is made to be “sympathetic” when she finally learns to stop being quite so racist
  • Carve the Mark (Veronica Roth)
    • Racism
    • Ableism
    • I won’t even talk about the self-harm cover

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