Read the Margins

I saw a thread earlier talking about how marginalized people need to become book bloggers in order to further bolster marginalized voices. You can find the thread here.

I’ve been wanting to do more blogging and possibly start a BookTube, especially in relation to marginalized books for a while now. The problem that I’ve faced has been constant opposition from people on the internet, not specifically directed at my beliefs, but at the entire movement as a whole. After watching that anti-diversity video, though, it seems kind of unfair for me to not speak out, and here’s why:

  • I have a voice and access to a platform that not everyone has.
  • I am not triggered by confrontation.
  • I have the ability to read a wide array of books from so many different marginalized people.
  • I am a marginalized person myself who can share my experiences and my own writing to further bolster our voices.

I can’t say that I’m a superior writer or better blogger than anyone else who’s already a part of the movement, but I do know that louder voices tend to get the most attention, and the more people involved in the movement, the louder our voice will be. That being said, welcome to my space to discuss marginalized issues and good media representation. I hope you find something that helps you better appreciate who you are and where you come from.