James Wolfson

“The Little Queer Werewolf Who Could”

James spent his whole life listening to stories of his father’s old wolf pack and eagerly awaiting his first full moon–the day he would officially become a werewolf. But when the day came and he finally went through his first shift, James found he couldn’t transform completely leaving his body trapped somewhere between wolf and thirteen-year-old boy. To make matters worse, when the moon finally set, he didn’t change back.

A year later, James gets an opportunity he can’t refuse–the chance to go to a school for cryptids, become a true werewolf, and claim his rightful place in his father’s old pack.

But school is school (even in the supernatural world), and James struggles to place in the Horror course, his only real chance to be a true werewolf, while his father is keeping a secret about the pack that James can’t seem to crack. Between bullies, gym, and first love, James must learn what it means to be a werewolf, what it means to be a boy, and exactly where he falls somewhere in between.

James Wolfson is slated to release in 2018.

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