Welcome 2018! What’s New?

Hey y’all, after my December hiatus, I’m back and I’ve changed a lot of things so here’s an update of what’s what. First and foremost, you may have already seen that I updated most of the website. Reviews are (mostly) gone and I’ve added some new pages, so here’s where I’m going to go over all the changes so it all makes sense.

1. Book Reviews

As most of you know, I ran into some issues regarding my book reviews in the latter part of 2017. Books reviews have been a major source of stress for me, and besides the unwanted, negative attention they’ve attracted, they’ve also done a lot to kill my enjoyment of reading. So starting in 2018, I’ll only be writing reviews for books that I would rate 3 stars or higher. The truth is, 2 star and under books are usually books I want to DNF, so to discourage myself from finishing a book I hate just to get the review written, I won’t be bothering with less than 3 star reviews. This will also hopefully mitigate the harassment I’ll receive from people who disagree with my reviews.

I’ll only be posting my reviews to Goodreads and retail sites (like Amazon & Barnes & Noble) for the foreseeable future. I don’t want my blog to be associated with reviews anymore, so I’ll be leaving those out for now. I might change my mind, but this is the easiest (and happiest) way for me to kick off 2018.

I’ll still talk about books on Twitter (how could I not?), but I DO NOT consider myself to be a part of book Twitter anymore. I’ve made a lot of friends via book Twitter and I don’t intend to cut them out of my life because of this change, but I’m done dealing with book discourse, discussing reviews, etc. etc. I’ll talk about books I love (and books I want to fan over), but that’ll be it. Books are supposed to be fun, and that’s how I want to keep it.

And while I’ll still be reading YA because I enjoy YA, I’m going to be cutting back on YA novels so I can make room for my other loves: poetry, graphic novels, and Circa Adult. (See: what is Circa Adult Fiction here)

2. Education

I won’t be providing social media education anymore, which is something I discussed before. However, I can’t say that I won’t engage in political discourse as I’m a minority, and my life basically is political discourse. The point here, though, is that I won’t be taking time out of my day to post educational blog posts and whatnot. It’s not worth the stress (especially since there was basically no benefit to it to begin with).

I will still be offering certain educational resources. I won’t be taking the educational posts down from my Patreon. I’ll also still be open for sensitivity reads and other editorial help.

Basically, if you want me to teach you, pay me. Otherwise, I’ll be working on other things.

3. Patreon

I mentioned before my hiatus that I would be looking for an alternative to Patreon. Since they decided not to institute their fee changes, I feel less inclined to find a complete Patreon substitute, but I have still decided to initiate some helpful changes to make my Patreon content more accessible.

I’m eliminating tiers. You can still pledge as much as you’d like (and I’ll obviously appreciate all pledges), but I’ll be making all content available to all patrons. I want the content to be as accessible as possible, so it’ll be open to anyone who pledges $1+. I’ll also be adding a tip jar to the end of each post so if you only feel comfortable pledging $1 a month but find one post to be particularly interesting, you can leave a tip.

I’ll also be posting stories for free once a month on my website and starting up a newsletter magazine that will feature short stories, art, updates, character interviews, etc. The digital magazine will be free, and there will also be the option to purchase a print copy. I’ll post an update with the newsletter is officially available.

Instead of writing a short story a week as I’d been doing, 2018 is going to be the year of novelettes and novellas. I’ll be working mostly on longer works that I’ll release serially via Patreon with occasional short stories. These will make it easier for me to have posts ready ahead of time and therefore make my Patreon lower maintenance.

I’ll also be posting all sorts of miscellaneous content in between stories: art, updates, behind the scenes features, etc. And I may still post the occasional educational post for my trusted patrons.

4. Cons/Art

I’m going to be putting more time and focus into my art and conventions in 2018. I already have a few confirmed conventions (info available here) and I’m working on finalizing a couple more. If you’re in the area, please come by and see me at cons. I love meeting people in person!

As I mentioned at HolMat in December, I’m removing most of 2017’s styles from my future inventory. If you’d like to see which prints are being discontinued, you can check here. They’re all currently on sale for 75% off on my site. I’m really just looking to clear out some space for everything I want to display in 2018.

5. Projects

The last thing I want to talk about are my 2018 plans. I’ve got a lot of projects going on surrounding Circa Adult Fiction, art, Multifarous Press, etc. I’ve updated my works page to give you all an idea of what I’ll be working on. I’ve got novels, short story collections, and a graphic novel all in the works right now so I hope you’re all excited to see these in print. I’ll continue to post updates as release dates get closer, and you can see exclusive looks and bonus content regarding these by pledging to my patreon.

Until then, you can learn more about James Wolfson (the Little Queer Werewolf Who Could) and Are We Human? my Circa Adult Fiction collection on the site.